Advancing Life on Earth, from Space

For All Canadians | Pour Tous Les Canadiens


NordSpace is developing an eco-friendly reusable launch vehicle, Tundra, capable of delivering up to 500 kg to LEO. Tundra is powered by its proprietary bipropellant multi-fuel liquid rocket engines, called the Hadfield engines, using carbon neutral e-fuels -  a first for the space industry. Tundra will be the first-ever orbital-class Canadian launch vehicle, and is built using advanced materials and manufacturing processes  to offer low-cost and responsive dedicated launch services.


NordSpace is developing a custom bus, called NS/104, to deliver a single platform that powers all its launch vehicles, satellites, and robotics. NordSpace's first demonstration satellite will launch on our Boreal launch vehicle to LEO. NordSpace plans to launch its own constellation of 8 communication and Earth observation satellites in 2027 to connect Canadians and monitor our environment in real-time.


NordSpace is developing autonomous rover systems to aid in human exploration on the Moon, perform in-situ resource utilization (ISRU), and support the Artemis program. These systems will be capable of also serving the terrestrial market for commercial delivery and industrial safety applications to perform tasks humans can not or should not.