Advancing Life on Earth, from Space


NordSpace is developing an eco-friendly reusable launch vehicle, called Tundra, capable of delivering up to 500 kg to LEO. Tundra is powered by its proprietary bipropellant liquid rocket engines, called the Hadfield engines, each delivering 35 kN of thrust using carbon neutral e-fuels, a first for the space industry. Tundra will be the first-ever orbital-class Canadian launch vehicle, and is built using advanced materials, manufacturing processes, and artificial intelligence.


NordSpace offers turn-key small-satellite design, build, test, and communications services. Bring your payload, we will get you your data from space. We will offer the option to launch your payloads on our Tundra launch vehicle in 2024 for sub-orbital missions and 2025 for orbital missions. NordSpace is also building proprietary Earth observation satellites for wildfire monitoring and precision agriculture.


NordSpace is developing autonomous rover systems to aid in human exploration on the Moon and Mars. These systems will be capable of also serving the terrestrial market of commercial delivery and industrial safety applications to perform tasks humans can or should not. Of particular research and interest are quadruped robots.


NordSpace is designing and building a completely autonomous launch and landing system for stratospheric balloons to offer a low-cost and environmentally sustainable option for near-space research and operations. The long-term goal is to expand this system to also enable sustainable and low-cost space tourism.