Maximum Performance, Minimum Impact

Pushing the Limits of Engineering, Science, and Manufacturing

Hadfield Engines

NordSpace's Hadfield series of engines are painstakingly designed to be among the most efficient, environmentally friendly, light weight, and versatile engines ever built. Our engines are regeneratively cooled, uniquely designed to support multiple fuels - optimized for a KeroLOx configuration and suited for carbon neutral e-fuels. All our engines are meticulously manufactured entirely in-house using advanced additive manufacturing techniques.

In-House Manufacturing

NordSpace is committed to rapid innovation through a siginficant focus on in-house manufacturing. Industry leading powder bed fusion additive manufacturing, robotic welding, advanced composites, precision metal fabrication, ISO5 clean rooms, and more all support our efforts to fully assemble our launch vehicles in-house and reduce lead times for customers.

Zero-Footprint Portable Launch

NordSpace's entire launch operation is highly portable, and can be set up anywhere -  within 48 hours, a launch can be set up, executed, and fully packed up. This allows NordSpace's vehicles to launch with zero impact on the environment or land, and opens up endless possibilities for low-cost, flexible, dedicated launch services from anywhere on Earth, to anywhere in space.